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Think you can be a Magicians Assistant?

Are you Ojibway or have other Native heritage?

Do you have experience with traditional Native singing or dancing?

Are you comfortable on stage?

Do you want to learn the secrets of a Illusionist?

Do you have what it take to be a Magician’s assistant?

Vision Quest 2.0

Ojibway or other Native Heritage Casting Call

 I am looking for creative people who want to help with the creation of the Vision Quest 2.0. You will become a magicians assistant. You will be on stage and in videos but more then that you will learn the secrets of an illusionist. You will become part of the team and you will be paid.
The show isn’t 100 percent complete yet and I will need your help completing it. Afterward we will practice choreography and lines until it becomes second nature to us. Then the fun part begins! We do live performances.

What we are looking for?

I male and 1 Female of Ojibway or other Native heritage.
Must have experience with traditional Native singing or dancing.
*You MUST send a recent video of your singing or dancing. 


Production title: Vision Quest
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent
Project length: Hour Shows (60 minutes)
Project format: Stage
Posted on: Thursday, September 7th, 2017
Production location: Montreal
Production Company:
Company website:
Director: Lupi
Producer: Lupi
Casting Director: Lupi
Audition Location: TBA
Performance Locations: Quebec and Ontario
Compensation: YES!


September 7th until  15th via email.

September 16th-  location: TBA.

(Please note all auditions will be given a specific time within this window)
Call Backs: September 17th 6:00 – 10:00 PM
Start Date: Jan 1, 2017
Shooting Ends: Jan 1, 2018


The Show:

Vision Quest is a mesmerizing amalgamation of visual illusions, music and Native American folklore. It begins with the story of an Eagle reuniting with a wolf and ends with a hypnotizing head splitter. The middle is more of a Journey –filled with some danger and a little bit of romance. As the show progresses it becomes increasingly clear as to what Vision Quest is all about and you are guided through this journey using Native American folklore to animate the experience.


Vision Quest is more then a show. It’s a quest to remember and share our past with others.

 – Lupi, illusionist

Casting Call- Native Magician’s Assistant
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